Last year, in the print product, I wrote up a Valentine’s mixtape which was filled with all types of love songs. The only thing was finding those that weren’t gender specific, and that can be a total bitch. Or maybe it’s just my anal retentiveness. So instead of going through the hassle again, I asked local peeps with a penchant for music what songs struck that heartfelt fuzzy chord with them. I asked why their selection stuck out and if there are any gay aspects to it whether by an out artist or not gender-directed. The selections ran the gamut. Check ’em out below.

Might Tell You Tonight” by Scissor Sisters. Swoony lyric: I feel so much better/When I read your dirty letters/Just wear your sweaters in the winter/’Cause I wouldn’t want you to get cold. QUOTE: “It’s a song about finally telling a guy he’s done with the scene, wants something real.” Little observations about the guy that shows he cares.I actually think he wrote it for his husband,” Brad Ehney, Gilley’s Music Complex.

The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. Flirty opener: Hey pretty baby with the high heels on/ You give me fever like I’ve never, ever known. “It always puts me in a great mood, plus it’s one of the songs that Laura and I like to sing together. And great opening line. It’s a song of flirtation and that’s how it all starts,” Mel Arizpe, Voice of Pride winner 2010.

Love Don’t Need a Reason” by Michael Callen. Romantic line: I’ll hold you close/ Time won’t tear us apart/ I will stand by you/ It’s got to start with the beat of one heart. “I love the lyrics and Callen’s voice. This is from [the musicall The Boy From Oz. The song was co-written with Peter Allen and lesbian singer/songwriter Marsha Malamet,” Gregg Shapiro, freelance entertainment journalist.

My Funny Valentine” sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Sweet lyric: You make me smile with my heart/ your looks are laughable, un-photograph-able/ yet, you’re my favorite work of art. “Art comes in all shapes and sizes and appeals to some and not to others. That’s love! Art and love…my two favorite things in life combined,” Jonathan Palant, Turtle Creek Chorale.

Can’t Help But Wait” by Trey Songz. Forlorned lyric: And I don’t wanna come between you and your man/ even though I know I’ll treat you better than he can/ girl I can’t help but wait. “it’s about watching this girl get hurt over and over and trying to tell her that he’d be so much better for her. I guess it’s not really lovey-dovey, but it’s the song that comes to mind right now when I think of love,” Hannah Lenart, local musician.

“Song in my Heart” by Jason Walker; “Come & Play” by Reuben Butchart.”These are two songs that stick in my head as cool love songs from LGBT artists,” J.W. Richard, GrooveLovesMelody blog.

Now that’s a wide range. What are some of your favorites? We got till Monday. Add to the mix.