Billy Bob's owner Pam Minick, Ranch Hand Rescue founder Bob Williams and actress Doris Roberts

Doris Roberts (Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond) was in Fort Worth over the weekend helping raise money for Ranch Hand Rescue, the gay-owned farm-animal rescue ranch in Argyle. A dinner at Billy Bob’s Texas on Saturday, Nov. 19, raised money to purchase a new trailer for Midnite, a miniature horse that came to RHR with a missing hoof and coffin bone.

After Prostheticare in Fort Worth fitted Midnite with an artificial hoof, he immediately got up and started running. As word about Midnite spread, RHR owner Bob Williams began getting emails from children facing limb amputations who wanted to meet the horse.

Williams has taken Midnite to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Oak Lawn several times to interact with children facing loss of a leg. Mayor Annise Parker brought Midnite to Houston to help inaugurate a new park and playground designed for children with disabilities. Williams said the requests have been pouring in. Alcohol and drug rehab, autistic, children with AIDS and wounded veterans groups have all come to interact with Midnite.

To help Williams transport Midnite more safely than in the larger horse trailer, Roberts headlined an event at Billy Bob’s Texas. Owner Pam Minick donated the facility and dinner. Additional money raised from the evening will help close the budget gap for the year. During the drought in Texas this year, hay has become especially expensive.

Roberts, who won three Emmy Awards for her role on Everybody Loves Raymond and one for her role in Remington Steele, said she held Midnite’s head to her chest and that despite the abuse the horse had lived through, he gave unconditional love.

She has known Williams for years and he credits her with saving his life. When he was having a stroke, she realized he was not well and rushed him to the hospital. She called Williams one of her closest friends and said she was delighted to help with the organization that rescues abused animals, presses for prosecution of the perpetrators of violence and abuse against these animals and uses these rescued animals to help heal and give hope to so many people who interact with them.