CAMERON THOMPSON Texas Casino Parties

The core group of LSR volunteers from Texas Casino Parties. Cameron Thompson is fifth from the right on the back row.
The core group of LSR volunteers from Texas Casino Parties. Cameron Thompson is fifth from the right on the back row.

I joined the Lone Star Ride after hearing one of my best dealers at Texas Casino Parties talking about it for a few years.

She had continuously talked about how important it was to her and how much fun it was.

I had been involved with March of Dimes for some years and each time I asked, she and other members of the Texas Casino Parties family always stepped-up, raised money and participated with me in that effort. So it was a no-brainer for me to step-up and participate with her.

Being a straight man, I knew about HIV/AIDS. But I had never really thought about how it affected me, my life, my family or what I considered to be my community. And then Lone Star Ride came along.

In stepping-up to support one of the dealers, we started with something simple and donated a casino party fundraiser for the Ride with Pride team. Many members of our dealer team volunteered their time and ended up donating money to the cause.

It was evident that our Texas Casino Parties family found some connection to the Lone Star Ride organization. My wife and all the rest of us that participated that first year at the party and on the ride had a blast and were ready to sign on for another year — and did.

We are happy to report that this will be our third year participating in Lone Star Ride.

Each year, the participation from the TCP family increases. In addition to donating the annual casino night event, an increasing number of dealers (we call them owners of the company) sign up to participate as riders, sweep, bike transport, pit crew, moto and administration. And this year, we now have representation on the medical team.

To say I’m glad that I have the opportunity to participate in Lone Star Ride would be correct. It’s a lot of fun, you get to meet great people, and best of all, support the community.

To say I’m proud to know that people I work with will step up and support each other in whatever their favorite cause may be would be an understatement. The Lone Star Ride is an amazing example of what can get accomplished when everyone works together.

To donate to Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS, go online to

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 10, 2010