Old Time Party House

Lubbock will celebrate LGBT Pride for the first time ever on Oct. 8 with a festival. A planned parade has been canceled.

The festival will take place at the Old Town Party House, 2402 Ave J, Lubbock from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. In addition to vendors and information booths, the festival includes speakers, spoken word, art and music.

An announcement about the parade on Lubbock Pride’s Facebook page reads, “The city of Lubbock kept coming up with last minute requirements and fees that could not be met in such a short notice.”

They called the parade problems a “stepping block” but vowed that this first Lubbock Pride will be the beginning of a new area tradition.

“Next years Pride will be more prepared to deal with such obstacles,” Lubbock Pride Fest wrote on its Facebook page. “On the bright side THE FESTIVAL IS STILL HAPPENING! We hope that everybody can come out and show Lubbock that we are QUEER, HERE, AND PROUD!”

After expenses, proceeds will benefit the Human Rights Campaign.