By David Webb Staff Writer

Chris Luna says the community college system is a good resource for GLBT people and other minorities.

Gay former Dallas City Council member taught part-time at El Centro, Richland community colleges, and at local universities

Former gay City Council member Chris Luna has announced his candidacy on the Dallas County Community College District board of trustees in the May 13 election.

Luna said he is dedicated to public service and has a strong interest in the community college system because he has taught part-time at El Centro and Richland colleges. He has also taught part-time at the University of Texas at Dallas and at Southern Methodist University.

“I just think education is the great equalizer,” Luna said. “I think we need to promote education because as businesses become more technological and as the work force changes education is going to be key for people to get a good job and keep a good job.”

Luna, who is a business lawyer, was elected to the City Council in 1991 and re-elected for two more terms.

“When I left the City Council in 1997, I specifically said I don’t know when and I don’t know where, but I do know that sometime in the future my name will appear on another ballot,” Luna said. “Once it gets in your blood it’s hard to get it out.”

Luna, seeking the Place 1 seat, said the community college system is a good resource for GLBT people and other minorities.

“When you look at underserved communities in general, a community college is a great place for those communities to have access to education and training,” Luna said.

Luna said the community college system is a progressive institution that already includes sexual orientation in its educational and employment anti-discrimination policies.

“I know a number of faculty members who are gay and lesbian,” Luna said.

Luna’s campaign chairs include former Mayor Ron Kirk and former City Council members Sandy Greyson, Lois Finkelman and Craig McDaniel. He has received endorsements from State Representative Rafael Anchia and former City Council members Veletta Forsythe Lill, Max Wells, Lori Palmer and Craig Holcomb. He is also endorsed by former State Representative Domingo Garcia.

Luna is now president of the Dallas Assembly, and he serves on the boards of the Dallas Theater Center, Shared Housing Center and Dallas-Fort Worth Black Tie Dinner.

He has volunteered on the boards of the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, AIDS Arms, Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Film Commission and the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas.


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, March 17, 2006. rpg gameоптимизация сайта в гугле