Alberto Lesmes, right, and his partner Chad Hemp.

After a preliminary investigation into a gay couple’s claims they were told they weren’t family and asked to leave Main Event’s Plano location Sunday, the company says there was “no effort to discriminate.”

Main Event spokeswoman Amy Johnson emailed a statement to Dallas Voice Wednesday afternoon, explaining that the company was investigating the incident by talking to staff and reviewing video footage from Sunday.

“We employ and cater to guests from all walks of life, including the LGBT community,” the statement reads in part. “We are very protective of any family’s experience at Main Event and take every complaint and the resolution of such — very seriously. Our preliminary investigation reveals that there was no effort to discriminate. We want to ensure all of our guests get to enjoy the full experience of ‘Eat, Bowl, Play.’”

Alberto Lesmes and partner Chad Hemp went bowling Sunday night and asked to switch lanes twice after technical difficulties and a child from a large group next them to kept bowling in their lane. The manager on duty allegedly told them they were just being difficult and that it was a family environment. Lesmes said they understood it was a family venue and that he was there with his family, pointing to his partner.

Lesmes said the manager told them they “were not family,” before refunding them and asking them to leave. He then called to speak to the manager Tuesday but was treated rudely and was referred to their corporate office. He said he was unable to get through to anyone at corporate.

Lesmes said Wednesday that someone from corporate did call him to speak about the incident, but he told them he would call back because he was dealing with a family matter at the time. He said he hoped to speak to them soon.

While Lesmes said he wanted the company to apologize, Hemp said he wanted something more concrete from the company.

“I don’t want him to apologize. I want something more done,” he said. “Maybe I’m reaching for something, but I am not second class. I am the same as everyone else and as for him to apologize that is not OK with me.”

Read Main Event’s full statement below.

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