Tom Malin

The board of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas on Friday rescinded the organization’s endorsement of Tom Malin, Democratic candidate for the District 108 seat in the Texas House of Representatives, after Malin acknowledged Thursday that he once worked as a male escort.

Michael Moon, Stonewall president, said the board’s decision has to be ratified by a vote of the membership. That vote will come at Stonewall’s Tuesday night meeting.

Malin said Thursday he is not withdrawing from the race against Jack Borden in the Democratic primary on March 7.

The winner of the primary race will face the Republican incumbent, Representative Dan Branch, in November.

“I have admitted to a lurid past. I have admitted my mistakes and asked God for forgiveness,” Malin said. “Now I have moved beyond my mistakes.”

Malin said it is now up to voters to “choose forgiveness and grace, or to choose the same old balderdash over and over again.”

He also said he believes revelations about his past will ultimately bolster his campaign because voters will be able to identify with him as someone who overcame adversity and bad choices.

“There’s nothing wrong with learning from your mistakes and using your experiences to help other people,” he said. “The voters know that.”

Malin previously acknowledged that he is a recovering alcoholic.

But Moon said Friday he believes Malin has hurt Stonewall Democrats and the Dallas County Democratic Party by lying about his history.

“This is not about him being in recovery. It’s not even about him being an escort in the past. This is about the fact that he lied to us,” Moon said. “We asked him before we endorsed him if the rumors were true, and he said they were not.”

Moon added, “I hate to say this, but I think if he really cares about the Democratic Party, he will withdraw from the race.”

Malin has also been endorsed by the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Tejano Democrats. Those organizations have said they are reconsidering their endorsements.

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