Tommy Robinson

GUN BARREL CITY — Tommy Robinson, 59, who is jailed in Dallas on a $1.5 million bond for the alleged stabbing and sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl in Oak Lawn was a familiar face in the Cedar Creek Lake gay bar Garlow’s.

Robinson, who went by the nickname “Hollywood,” frequented the bar as early as a year ago, but he told other customers he wasn’t gay. He also told others he suffered from a mental illness, and that was why he could not drink alcohol.

Robinson wore black attire and sported a pair of silver-framed sunglasses even at night. Other customers recognized that Robinson was eccentric, but he was generally viewed as harmless.

Robinson obviously was comfortable in a gay bar setting and freely mixed with other gay patrons.

A Dallas police detective in charge of investigating the crime confirmed he was aware Robinson had lived in the Cedar Creek Lake area prior to his arrest in Dallas. At the time of his arrest, he was homeless and was captured while bathing in a stream in Oak Lawn, according to multiple Dallas media reports.

Robinson reportedly also went by the name Tommy King.

Gun Barrel City police said there were no unsolved sexual assault cases in the area.

The 17-year-old girl was attacked April 25 on Maple Avenue on April as she walked on a sidewalk to catch a bus to Skyline High School where she was a student.

The girl suffered stab wounds to her chest and back and was apparently left for dead behind a store. Employees discovered her and called 911.

She was able to give police a description of her assailant. Robinson’s mug shot was withheld by the media until she was able to make an identification from a police photo line-up.

When Robinson was captured near the scene of the attack and was naked from the waist down. He reportedly had a bloody knife in his boot and a cell phone similar to the one that was taken from the victim.

Robinson’s bond was originally set at $500,000, then tripled.

The victim has now been released from the hospital and a fund has been set up in her name called “The Lilly Fund” at Preston State Bank. The bank’s address is 5944 Luther Lane, Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75225. The bank’s phone number is 214-710-2400.