I’m not trying to beat this public sex thing to death, but I couldn’t resist posting the following e-mail I received last week from one of the four men arrested in the bathrooms at NorthPark Center recently. I’m withholding the defendant’s name, because Dallas Voice doesn’t typically identify people charged with misdemeanor crimes. Here’s the full text of the e-mail:

I was one of the four people arrested and charged with indecent exposure at North Park Mall last week. I strongly believe that I was wrongly charged. The statements given by the police did not match what happened. The cop was standing with his face up against the door of my stall and peeping through the gap while making oral sex gestures to get me aroused. Of course I’m a gay man so I get aroused. Now, tell me who was the indecent one?  The one sitting in the stall or the one being a peeping tom outside? Even my attorney shook his head and said that the sting effort was not for people like me.
I understand their effort is to catch sexual predators. However, if I was a predator then the cop did not need to become a predator himself. Also, if the cop cannot tell the facts as they happened then doesn’t that mean that they didn’t catch the right person? So in the end, they caught someone who they can frame to look like a sexual predator and a danger to the public.
On top of that, as I and another accused person were being taken to Dallas County jail, while I was answering questions to one cop, another cop in the back seat blurted out, “He even talks like a fag.” I found that derogatory slur very offensive. It’s like saying to an African American, “He even talks like n—–.” This showed me that these cops were very homophobic and they were just out targeting gay people and not to catch the real sexual predators.
At the station, as the two cops were deciding who would do the report for who, the peeping cop looked at the second cop and said that he will fill out the report for me and he will add extra “special comments” to get me since I did not cooperate with their story.
There was a video recording of the sting. It will show the cop invaded my privacy by being a peeping tom and making lewd gestures. They are afraid to tell the public this part of the story because the public would be appalled to know that a cop can come up and peep into people’s stalls to elicit sexual responses. It seems to me that the cops are the predators and they are targeting the gay community. If they put an attractive woman making sexual gestures in front of a heterosexual man while his pants are down then most of them will get aroused and be charged with indecent exposure, too.
Please let me know if you want to discuss more details about this story. I am terrified at the thought of going into a public restroom. If there is no camera recording and no other witnesses around, a cop can make up a story to charge me because he thinks I’m gay, even if all I do is just wash my hands. It will be my words against his. This time at least I had a witness and a video recording.

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