Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis

David Ermold, an English professor at Pikeville University, said he may challenge Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis next year. Ermold was one of the people denied a marriage license by Davis in 2015.

Davis announced she will seek re-election as County Clerk in 2018, according to Associated Press. One reason Ermold believes he will win is the $220,000 on judgments against Davis as a result of her refusing to do her job. That money will be paid by county taxpayers.

Davis won her race to be County Clerk as a Democrat in this Democratic-leaning Kentucky county. After the Obergefell marriage equality decision, she refused to issue marriage licenses and was jailed for five days for contempt of court until a compromise was reached. After that, she removed her name from marriage licenses issued by the county and had someone else in her office issue them to same-sex couples. She also switched parties.

Davis has been involved in a number of publicity stunts since her days in court for refusing to do her job. She managed to be among a group greeting the Pope. That incident led to the resignation of the Vatican’s U.S. envoy who arranged the meeting.

The AP story suggested if there’s a tough legal battle, a number of high-profile anti-marriage speakers may come to campaign for her including the president.

— David Taffet