The victim is believed to have been kidnapped from the ATM at the Bank of America at 4023 Cedar Springs Road.

A man using an ATM on the Cedar Springs strip early Tuesday was abducted, hogtied with duct tape and robbed before being dumped in a vacant lot in Irving, according to Dallas police.

A police report says the victim, 43-year-old Rudolph Dinwiddie of Grapevine, was using a Bank of America ATM at 4000 Cedar Springs Road — which is the intersection of Throckmorton Street — at about 1 a.m.

The four suspects pulled up in a vehicle and one of them pointed a “modified sub machine [gun]” at Dinwiddie, ordering him not to move, according to the report. The suspects threatened to kill Dinwiddie if he didn’t cooperate, and forced him into the back seat of their vehicle at gunpoint.

The suspects then handcuffed Dinwiddie and used duct tape and zip ties to bind his arms and legs. When they found his keys in his pocket, they ordered him to direct them to his vehicle, a 2010 Nissan Altima that was parked two blocks away. The suspects then drove their vehicle to a nearby gas station, where they used Dinwiddie’s money to fill up, before taking him to several ATMs in Dallas and Irving and demanding his PIN so they could withdraw more cash.

The suspects finally threw Dinwiddie out of their vehicle in a vacant lot at 1440 Lindy Lane in Irving, where he was found by Irving officers who were flagged down by a passer-by. Dinwiddie suffered scrapes to his back and shoulders, and had visible swelling on his wrists and forearms. He was treated at Colombia Medical Hospital in Irving.

The Bank of America branch with an ATM is at 4023 Cedar Springs Road. The police report also lists an address of 3900 Cedar Springs Road. There are three other sidewalk ATMs near the 3900 block of Cedar Springs, but they are not affiliated with any one bank.

Dallas police spokeswoman Ashaki Hardeman said she was unable to confirm which ATM the victim was using. Hardeman said no further information was available about the incident.