Maple Motor

There’s always talk of the best burgers in town and yadda yadda. If Wingfield’s isn’t the best in Dallas then The Grape offers the best in Texas. It can be a bit much. However, I’m hoping one restaurant makes any of those lists next year. A trio of us Voicers went to Maple & Motor Burgers and Beer today for lunch on a whim and left feeling greasily satisfied.

As you can see, the outer facade is very simple and inside, they don’t go for the cheesy diner look. Instead they keep it clean and modern with corrugated tin at the counter and booths and tables that are both stylish and retro. It looks like the twin burger brother of Taco Joint in East Dallas.

Counter service was easy with a refreshingly simple menu of either a burger or a cheeseburger and a small handful of other sandwiches. Chance observed that M & M seemed “focused on perfecting the basics rather than having a million options that are simply mediocre.” I paid a smidgen extra for bacon on my cheeseburger. Kristina and I added the obligatory fries and soft drink which was self-serve but Chance went with the onion rings.  Root beer fit nicely here but the sweet tea really wasn’t. No matter because I was pretty stoked they had RC Cola. Score!

Reliable fried sides may look ordinary but have great crunch and taste.

Upon arrival of the burgers to our table (one at a time), I heard angels sing when the top bun was glistening. The burger was a two-hander for sure with a burger patty cooked to a rather medium-well perfection. The cheese was a melty ideal and the lettuce and pickles weren’t overbearing but not invisible. The slight grease drippings that fell from elevation to the mouth weren’t ever icky as much as a welcome site compared to some of the dryer patties around town.

It might look small but trust, it’s a handful.

Chance offered his unique perspective and said, “Hot doctors abound, with the Medical District just around the corner, and a few blue hairs to boot, what’s not to love? Not exactly sure who their target demographic is, but the gays had better stake their claim, stat!”

Our bills averaged about $10. Owner Jack Perkins came around greeting people when he had some downtime. It was a nice touch and he even remembered Chance’s face from his first time there. Impressive. Despite it’s location across Elliott’s Hardware, M & M is a funky addition to the fringes of the gayborhood.

On the ride back, we were no less than impressed. Kristina kinda summed it up for us, “That burger was so good, I’m full three whole hours later.”

I definitely second that.

These homemade woopy pies are like a big fat cake-y Oreo.
These homemade whoopie pies are like a big fat cake-y Oreo.

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