The darker shades of orange indicate areas where more Netflix customers requested the film "Milk."

With no accurate U.S. Census data on LGBT people, the above map may be one of the best indicators to date of where the gays live in Dallas, and I’m only half joking. The map, a screen grab from The New York Times’ recent analysis of Netflix queues in 12 cities, shows how popular the movie “Milk” was in each of the city’s zip codes. “Milk” was the 13th-most-popular Netflix movie nationally in 2009, but it was the second-most-popular film in Oak Lawn’s 75219 zip code, as indicated by the darker shade of orange. Perhaps more surprising, though, are the North Dallas zip codes — such as 75229, 75230 and 75244 — where “Milk” finished in the top five. (Are you saying not everyone who watches “Milk” is gay?) Anyhow, if you’ve got some time to waste on this Monday afternoon, look up your zip code and create similar maps for any of the most popular Netflix films from 2009 by going here.наполнение сайта контентом этопродвижение сайтов москва