Urging Gov. Lingle to support civil unions

Ahead of civil unions decision day here in Hawaii, Tony and I marched in the Kailua Independence Day Parade with Equality Hawaii, PFLAG-Oahu, Pride Alliance and others. This was PFLAG-Oahu’s tenth year marching in the parade and we were honored to march along with them. Just like in Indy, I was able to drive the parade float, well, the parade Hybrid. The crowd was very supportive giving us an extra boost of hope before today’s decision by the Governor, whether she will veto or sign Hawaii’s civil unions bill, which was passed by the legislature earlier this year.

To top off the parade, we ran into Governor Lingle at the end of the route and were able to remind her how grateful the people of Hawaii would be if she signed the civil unions bills. She was very kind and took the time to chat about how she has been weighing her decision very heavily.

We are continuing all we can do ahead of the Governor’s decision today. If you haven’t called into the Governor’s office reminding her that the people of Hawaii support equality and urging her to sign the civil unions bill, there is still time. You can call her office at 808.586.0034.

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