DFW NORML, the local chapter of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Law, is sponsoring the local version of a worldwide march supporting the legalization of marijuana.

I wonder who organizes these marches, as tokers aren’t exactly known for their, ummm, motivation. And what do you bring to a marijuana march? I’m thinking you wear your mary janes, carry a pot and fill your iPod with Doobie Brothers. But that’s probably cliche.

Anyway, the marchers — though I’m guessing a better term would be “meanderers” — will gather at City Hall on Saturday, May 1 at noon for a rally, then proceed past the grassy knoll (now that’s cliche), the West End, Farmer’s Market (I guess some might wanna shop for some herb) then end where it started. There will be an after-party, too, though no word on whether munchies will be provided.

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