There’s a brouhaha this weekend about whether Jackson family friend Mark Lester, best known for playing the title role in the Oscar winner “Oliver!,” may be the biological father of Paris Jackson’s, Michael’s daughter. (Lester is already Paris’ godparent.) The Jackson family, and appaently Lester, are disputing that he claimed to be, or that such a fact would change any custody issues. They do concede Lester donated sperm to Michael, but that Paris is not his offspring.

OK, fine. But this is what I don’t get that everyone seems to have missed: why the F@CK else would Michael Jackson WANT MARK LESTER’S SPERM???!!!? I mean, to me, it is far, FAR creepier to ask for a sperm donation and NOT use it to make a baby.

Jacko just keeps gettin’ weirder and weirder.siteметоды раскрутки сайтов