The U.S. Supreme Court refused to stay a federal court ruling declaring Alabama’s marriage law unconstitutional. The vote was again 7-2 with only justices Thomas and Scalia voting to stay the decision.

The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court ordered judges who issue marriage licenses not to issue them. We’ll follow this through the day.

What does this mean for Texas?

If the 5th Circuit issues a ruling in favor of marriage equality, Texas will become a marriage equality state before the Supreme Court hears a case from the 6th Circuit.

The 5th Circuit heard appeals from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi on Jan. 5. A ruling is due any day now.

What does this mean for the final Supreme Court ruling?

Five justices have ruled on the side of nondiscrimination in previous gay rights cases. Four have ruled against. But with recent decisions not to stay lower court rulings coming down 7-2, it’s possible that Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito are at least open to ruling with the majority on the side of marriage equality.