TiffanyOn Friday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments about marriage equality in states including Texas. How they rule could set the stage for whether same-sex couples can legally wed in the largest red state in the union. But a much more important decision was made before that about marriage: Where you can get a ring.

We joke. But Tiffany & Co. — which is, I mean, the Tiffany of jewelers — launched an ad campaign for wedding rings, which includes a (very smokin’) same-sex male couple. So no matter what the courts do, we’ve been blessed by a kind of pope of consumerism and prestige.

Of course, Tiffany isn’t the first — readers of Dallas Voice know many advertisers here have long supported marriage equality and courted the gay market, including Dallas’ own Joe Pacetti and Dian Malouf — but we’re pleased to see yet another mainstream embrace of our rights in a way that matters most to conservatives: Economically.