The Five Amigos (who need a new name)

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings announced his committee assignments for city council members for the new term. The council has recessed for July and reconvenes in August.

Councilman Adam Medrano continues as chair of the LGBT Task Force, which he’s headed for the past four years. The Oak Lawn councilman will also serve on Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee and Mobility Solutions, Infrastructure and Sustainability Committee. (So blame Adam for your potholes).

Omar Narvaez, the first openly gay council member elected in a decade, was assigned to the Economic Development and Housing Committee, The Quality of Life, Arts and Culture Committee and the AD-Hoc Legislative Committee.

In his campaign, housing in West Dallas was his primary issue. And the gay guy is always assigned to the arts committee. That tradition dates back to council members Craig McDaniel and Veletta Lill, who both chaired the committee. (Oh, come on, don’t tell me Veletta isn’t a gay guy).

Narvaez will also chair the Senior Citizen’s Task Force, which is appropriate since many of us think of him as a little old lady.

None of the Three Amigos — Scott Griggs, Philip Kingston and Medrano — now looking for a new name for because they’ve added two members — Mark Clayton and Narvaez — is a committee chair. The Three Amigos often vote as a block and have opposed the mayor on issues like paving the river to turn it into a highway.