Mayor Mike Rawlings

Below our post about an anti-gay flier distributed at a Dallas City Council meeting on Wednesday, one commenter suggested that Mayor Mike Rawlings is fostering an environment conducive to hate by not being more outspoken in support of LGBT equality:

“I urge all readers to contact the Mayor’s office and voice your displeasure with Mayor Rawlings’ apathetic and cowardly approach in addressing LGBT equality,” Mack Clark wrote. “Stories like this illustrate how imperative it is that Mayor Rawlings act as a leader and speak out against those who spew hatred and defame the Mayor’s LGBT constituency. Mayor Rawlings is obviously in bed with these hatemongers, thus his hesitance to proclaim otherwise. This is outrageous.”

A review of the video from the council meeting shows that two council members — Dwaine Caraway and Angela Hunt — had a chance to speak against the flier before Rawlings adjourned the meeting without addressing the matter. Caraway suggested that the mayor undertake a review of the rules governing public comments at council meetings, and Hunt seconded the suggestion, calling the flier “disgusting.” Curious what the mayor’s thoughts were, I reached out to Rawlings’ office today.

“The behavior Richard Sheridan displayed yesterday at the end of the city council meeting was disrespectful, discourteous, and inappropriate and will not be tolerated,” Rawlings chief of staff, Paula Blackmon, wrote in an email. “The city attorney’s office is reviewing speaker guidelines so that this type of action will not happen again. It is just plain unacceptable.”

I also asked if Rawlings has decided how he’ll vote on a council resolution backing marriage equality and LGBT employment protections, but Blackmon didn’t respond to that question.