McCain had a meltdown on the Senate floor today over hate crimes. He ranted first about hate crimes, then DADT repeal. There’s been a lot of buzz about McCain’s tantrum. Watch for yourself:

Now, there were two recent Senate votes amending hate crimes to the Defense Authorization bill. In 2007, the hate crimes amendment broke the filibuster by vote of 60 – 39 (McCain was absent.) In 2009, the hate crimes amendment broke the filibuster by a vote of 63 – 28. McCain was there. The debate lasted a couple hours, not weeks. Clearly, McCain is easily confused.

It sure sounds like McCain is willing to block consideration of the Defense authorization because of his homophobia. That’s some intense hatred he’s got going on there. The guy just doesn’t seem that stable either.

This gives us an indication of what the battle over DADT repeal is going to be like when the Defense Authorization bill hits the floor.