I have to start out with this statement: Alveda King is a boil on the civil rights movement. What a joke; a CNN reporter just called her appearance “significant.” That this is the spin when this niece of Dr. King has a long history of anti-gay bigotry that does not mirror the beliefs of most of Dr. King’s immediate family is absurd. Given Alveda thinks genes trumps an acquired belief system regarding social justice, you’d think she’d be considered a whack job, but no.

Anyway, as Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, DC proceeds on the mall, Media Matters has a primer on the stain reality that this event places on Dr. King’s memory. Over to the right, I highly recommend following The Rude Pundit‘s @rudepundit) blow-by-blow coverage of the event.

King forcefully advocated for drastic action by the federal government to combat poverty; supported “social justice”; called for an “economic bill of rights” that would “guarantee a job to all people who want to work”; and stated that we must address whether we need to “restructure the whole of American society” — all ideas that Beck has vilified.

Beck accuses progressives of trying to rewrite history and implores his followers to read original sources, but a review of King’s own words clearly shows that Beck’s insistence that he and his followers are the custodians of King’s dream and legacy is nothing more than a lie.

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