I can’t believe it — even after my Detroit Auto Show article, GM invited me for more.

I just got back from the Texas Motor Speedway in Justin, Texas, where Chevy was showing off the 2010 Camaro, a hot-mess of butch, trapezoidal angles and retro head-turning looks. It’ll probably remind y’all of that other manly-man ride, the Dodge Charger. But the Camaro’s design is tighter and leaner (so is the Camaro’s price).

With the 3.6-liter V-6 engine and choice of six-speed manual transmission, prices for the Camaro LS start at $22,995. Fuel economy for LS and LT models are 18/29 mpg, city-hwy. Camaros hit dealer showrooms this month.

While the Camaro was the star of the today’s show, I was really blown away by the entire speedway experience — my first. The place is massive: seats 140,000 spectators.

While the scent of oil, rubber and cigars wafted through the air, I toured the inspection garages. It was like a scene out of “E.R.” — armies of crewmen (and women) make sure the racecar bodies fit every specification.

Each Goodyear tire weighs about 70 pounds. Did you know the left and right tires are different sizes? That’s cuz the cars don’t have turning arcs and only loop around the tracks, making left turns.

The experience was mindblowing — like walking into an action movie. And as part of the Camaro promotion, they had a Longhorn on the racetrack.

And then NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jimmy Johnson, below, took me for a few 130-mile-per-hour spins, riding in the Samsung 500 Camaro pace car.

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