Why is a nice Hockaday student working for free at Dallas Voice?

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: This week, Morgan Ray left the classroom to train in the trenches of queer print media.

Who: Morgan Ray


Why I’m interning at Dallas Voice: As a senior at The Hockaday School, it is a requirement to fulfill the Hockaday Senior Project program, which can be an internship, shadowing or community service. Each student must work for 30 to 40 hours during the designated week. I chose Dallas Voice because I wanted to work at an alternative news outlet and find out how a minority group gets their voice heard. I was also interested in the all of the steps involved in print media, including writing, editing, marketing and advertising.

Outside-school activities: I volunteer at Bryan’s House twice a week. I also babysit.

Favorite subject: English

Software credentials: I can type, e-mail and scour the Internet. At the beginning of the year, everyone was required to buy a laptop to go with Hockaday’s new wireless network. Over the year, my Toshiba TecraS3 has become like my brain holding my notes, homework, organizer, music and pictures. Although I hate to admit it, I can’t function without it.

School-related extracurricular activities: Youth and Government, Voices in Harmony Gospel Choir, debate team, oratory team, student council, Race Relations Council and Dallas Area Diversity Youth Organization.

Common thread of extracurricular activities: They help me grow as a person, so I can help others in the future. On most of the councils and clubs I participate in, I hold leadership positions. Even in community service, I gain empathy through exposure to all different types of people. Through journalism, activism or whatever course I choose to take in life, I ultimately want to have a positive impact on people.

My biggest challenge of 2006: With all my schoolwork, extracurricular activities and college applications, trying to maintain a social life has been the biggest challenge. Someone told me senior year was supposed to fun.

Three GLBT role models I respect: Ellen DeGeneres, because she’s funny as hell and an all-around cool person. Sheryl Swoopes, because she was my favorite WNBA player during my basketball phase. Lastly, “Miss” Jay Alexander on “America’s Next Top Model,” because his walk is too fierce.

Places I like to shop: Nordstrom, Needless Necessities, Emeralds to Coconuts, Express, Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret

Dallas places I find most fascinating: I like The Science Place, African American Museum and The Dallas World Aquarium. I also like to browse the boutiques on Henderson Avenue and in the Bishop Arts District.

If you could change one thing in Dallas for teenagers, what would it be? Probably because everything is so spread out, Big D tends to be very isolated and cliquey. People don’t go too far out of their neighborhood. There’s the north Dallas bubble vs. the “south of the Trinity” bubble. I would make the local teen scene more inclusive. Since everyone loves to party, I’d like to throw a big concert where everyone could chill. Probably bring in Kanye West. Ooh! Or maybe Gwen Stefani and Slim Thug, because everyone likes the song “Luxurious” no matter where they’re from. Then teens from all over the city could just dance, have fun and, most importantly, mingle with new people.

Websites I frequently visit: facebook.com, nordstrom.com and ebay.com

College plans: In the fall I will be attending George Washington University in Washington, D.C., majoring in political communications.

Academic credentials: I have a 3.4 G.P.A on a 4.0 scale. I would list my SAT score, but I don’t believe in standardized tests, and I refuse to promote them.

In 10 years I hope to be: A political analyst, either as an anchor on CNN or a columnist at a major news publication. I want to be the woman who’s is nationally known for connecting with her stories getting down and dirty, and still looking fabulous.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, May 19, 2006. elite-helpинструменты продвижения сайта