Marc Ambinder, the Atlantic magazine writer who a week ago penned Ken Mehlman’s coming out story, has an article up today about the Log Cabin Republicans 2010 National Dinner in Washington — and the fact that it will feature appearances by two key GOP lawmakers from Texas, Sen. John Cornyn and Congressman Pete Sessions.

We’ve already reported about Cornyn’s appearance at the event, and it’s not terribly surprising that Sessions will be there too — given that he was keynote speaker at the Dallas Log Cabin chapter’s annual dinner two years ago, and given that he, like Cornyn, is over the Republican campaign committee for his respective chamber.

Anyhow, Ambinder’s post is of note primarily because he provides a copy of the flier promoting the event, shown above.

Here at Instant Tea, we don’t have any illusions about Log Cabin somehow convincing either Cornyn or Sessions to ever vote in favor of LGBT equality. And we frankly don’t believe the hype about Republicans stealing additional gay votes from Democrats this November — not in Texas, anyway.

Instead, we’re hoping the flier will be widely circulated in anti-gay circles and prompt the Religious Right to withhold votes for Sessions. So on that note, please feel free to pass it on!