Squirrel1“We wanted to pay our respects to a member of the community who busted many nuts,” Kat Haygood said. “We wanted to respect that community member.”

Haygood, the Dallas Voice Scene photographer (who passed a criminal background check), over the weekend left a “Get well soon” balloon and some flowers next to a dead squirrel in front of Skivvies, on Throckmorton at Cedar Springs. When someone angrily removed the memorial, someone else replaced it with another balloon, more flowers AND a candle. The memorial began to grow from there on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, the carcass was gone. Haygood said she checked with Parkland Hospital, but they did not treat a squirrel over the weekend.

“We’re assuming the worst,” she said. “He was a good gay squirrel.”¬†Haygood said she’s not sure if the squirrel was married, since the U.S. Supreme Court hasn’t acknowledged squirrel marriage rights, or if he had any family.

Haygood said the memorial has moved to the lightpole near the ATM. She suggested that anyone wanting to remember this furry community member leave trinkets, balloons or flowers in his honor. “He was one of us!” she declared. “He deserved to be remembered.”