The Girl Scouts are a 100-year-old organization that teaches girls honesty, fairness, courage, compassion, character, sisterhood, confidence, citizenship … and apparently how to kick butt.

CNN reports that a Fort Bend County troop was recently accosted outside of the Wal-Mart where they were selling cookies. A man jumped out of his car and grabbed the girls’ cash box, only to receive the business end of the girls’ fists. The Girl Scouts already had my admiration for their policy of welcoming transgender girls into the program; now that admiration is tempered with a hefty dose of respect (and fear).

Hands down the best response came from Rachel Johnson, one of the pair who reached into the thief’s car to try to recover the cash:

“I hope your face hurts from where Iravia punched you, jerk. BAM!. I hope your face hurts and I hope it leaves a scar.”

While the thief made away with about $200 he certainly did nothing to diminish the spirit of these girls.