President Felipe Calderon

Mexico has become a model of equality for gay and lesbian couples.

After Mexico City legalized same-sex marriage last year, the law was challenged. But Mexico’s Supreme Court has stood on the side of fairness.

The administration of Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s conservative president, challenged the law. The challenge backfired when the court ruled that not only may same-sex couples marry in Mexico City, but all 31 states must recognize those marriages.

Since then, Calderon’s administration has continued to throw roadblocks in front of same-sex married couples — but so far it has continued to lose.

According to the Mexican newspaper Vanguardia, when a couple wanted to register as married in the national social security system, they had to go to court to establish their right to do so. The Secretary of Labor and Social Security tried to block them from doing so.

Based on the earlier Supreme Court ruling saying all states must recognize a marriage performed in Mexico City, a lower court ruled last week that the women may register as a couple with the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.

The government bureau dropped its appeal and said the ruling applies to all married couples.