Miley Cyrus took over the American Airlines Center last night. Even though you might think Ms. Cyrus is just for tween girls and their willing parents (well, it is really), a couple of colleagues just had to have their Miley fix. Chance and Ramon added to their unusually busy concert itinerary with Miss Hannah Montana herself. They danced and Tweeted the night away but I asked them to write up the show from their seats — again.

Chance wrote:

Okay, so the most recent stop for us fierce divas was Miss Miley Cyrus. I must first state that the gays were very under represented. When we checked into the ticketless tour, with my credit card and ID, we asked the ticket lady how many other gays she’d  seen and she responded, “Just you two, Boo.” After that, I was  glad I wore my Legalize Gay shirt as a way to put the gays on the map, and hopefully spark some controversy with the conservative parents… The average age was about 10, and I couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a future fag hag.

Miley took the stage at 8 p.m. sharp. She really delivered with the vocals, however, the performance/choreography was lacking. After about the 100th time she pulled her signature head-banging move, I was like, “I get it Miley, you’re a bad-ass punk chick.” I was very impressed with her live vocals and her ability to work a crowd, but let’s just say I won’t be buying the DVD of the performance. She only performed an hour and 15 min. I get that it was a school night but for that price, I need at least two hours from my diva.

I did meet a fierce little girl who was all of 6 years of age, and she was my partner in crime for the evening, a future fag hag for days! In the end, we spotted a few gays. The   AAC shut down most of the men’s restrooms and converted them to women’s. I felt like Rosa Parks at the back of the bus.

And now Ramon:

Last night I came off my three-week  break and continued my 2009 concert tour with Chance. This time up — Miley Cyrus! I have to say I really didn’t know what to expect, but as we walked up to the AAC, and, I quote Miley, “ All I see are stilettos, I guess I never got the memo!” Tons of soccer moms and daughters!

But that did not get me down, I had come to see Ms. Cyrus!  Miley’s opening act was Metro Station, who I had never heard of. It is actually a band lead by Miley’s brother. They were very “rock Disney punk”, which is far from the Reba McEntire roots that I’m used to. They jumped around stage and all the the little girls just screamed and screamed. I knew I needed another adult beverage!

Miley started the show with “Breakout” as she jumped out of what looked like a glass rock. I was yelling and screaming with all the little girls.  Of course, I was sitting by this big west Texas dad who had brought his daughters and I turned to him and said, “ I will probably scream louder than your daughters!”  I thought I might get beat up, but he laughed.

The show was very energetic and Disney at times. Miley’s vocals were really good. She definitely sang live. My favorite was “Party in the USA!” You would I have thought Chance and I were back up dancers, bc at one point I think we were more entertaining than the show! She did Joan Jett’s “I love Rock & Roll” where she sat on a motorcyle that circled the enter stadium.

Her show was  quick. She started her encore with “See You Again” and it brought everyone to their feet. I have  to say I saw a handful of dads singing along. We did manage to make a new little friend. I don’t know her name but by the end of the show she danced with us and belted her little heart out on the final song “The Climb.”

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