If I’m not shooing away a certain co-worker desperate for Miley Cyrus’ latest CD (hi Ramon!), then I find this piece on the teen queen. Her album hasn’t even been out a week and Cyrus bombardment has already ensued. Even as such, this piece of entertainment news was surprisingly impressive.

Miley had a very touching and open-minded moment Monday night that we should all recognize. At her performance at the House of Blues L.A., she performed a song off her new album titled, “My Heart Beats for Love.” “I wrote this for my gay fans,” Miley said. “Everyone has the right to love each other and no one should feel discriminated or judged for that.”

The best part of the piece is the question and poll posed to everyone. At the end of the article, we’re asked “Do you think Miley Cyrus should sing about gay relationships, or do you prefer she leave homosexual issues out of her music?” followed by a voting poll asking the same thing. The lone comment was in support of her taking on the issue, but really, it just feels like writer Liz Gellar wanted to egg on a heated debate. Or perhaps the people at Gather.com. By the looks of the votes though, it looks like most people are pretty cool with it.

— Rich Lopez