Butler-ChedvilleAlicia Butler and Judith Chedville were awarded Cathedral of Hope’s Ambassador of Justice Award by Interim Senior Pastor Jim Mitulski at the 11 a.m. service on Dec. 1.

On the first day of registration of same-sex partners by National Guard units nationwide, Texas refused to register Butler. Her wife, Chedville, services in the Texas National Guard.

Texas’ refusal to register same-sex partners of military personnel ended last week when the state, under threat of a lawsuit by Butler and the possibility of losing federal funding and equipment based in Texas, relented. Under the new system, which is exactly the same as the old system, couples will be registered by federal employees using a federal computer system at federal bases or National Guard bases statewide.

Registering as a military partner allows the spouse access to the base where they are offered discounted shopping, medical services and other benefits. Butler’s 5-month-old daughter wasn’t able to access the medical care that is available to all National Guard personnel and their dependents.