By Doug Miller

“This very private and personal matter has been given such a public platform only through the efforts of three individuals, and anyone in our community that knows me is aware of who these people are and the lengths to which they will go. Both I and my closest friends have been harassed with fliers left on cars, e-mails, and letters hand-delivered to both home and work mailboxes. The e-mails, phone calls, and letters that so many members of the theater community have recently addressed to The Voice corroborate all of what I am saying, including the personal vendetta of which I am the target.

“Furthermore, I wish to express my utter disappointment with Dallas Voice for finding what amounts to tabloid journalism to be “newsworthy” to our community. I am not a political or clerical figure of any kind; I make no decisions regarding the gay community; and I am certainly no Larry Craig. I question that you would go after a gay local sports figure, realtor, stylist, restaurant owner, etc. with such force as this. My commitment to Dallas Theatre League for the last five years cannot be questioned literally hundreds of hours of my time. I fail to understand what The Voice calls its “obligation” to make a very unfortunate and damaging personal matter a hundred times more unfortunate and damaging. Giving this a public spotlight is reminiscent of National Enquirer tactics, not what I would expect from a publication with any kind of journalistic integrity. Remember, I have not even been charged with anything. And, even if I had been, it would amount to a lesser charge than a DWI.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 21, 2007 siteпроверить на вирусы онлайн