By Ryan Short Contributing Writer

Proper grooming is a more compicated process than most men know

Regimens in the West Village carries many different products to help the grooming-challenged man look his best.

“Guys need help,” says Tom Granese, founder of the Uptown boutique Regimens. “They have no idea where to start, what to buy, or even what they need.”

Regimens’ philosophy builds on the concept that men need guidance in order to groom properly.

“Everyone has a different skin type and everyone has a different routine. The key is finding out what products work best for you and that fit into your life,” Granese says.

Regimens offers an entire world of carefully engineered products. One man’s shaving routine can employ up to eight different products to achieve the ultimate in skin clarity: pre-shave oil, exfoliater, cleanser, toner, shaving cream, a medicated stone, balm, or after-shave. Another man may need far fewer.

Because most men have little foundation in grooming knowledge, common misconceptions often lead to incorrect facial maintenance, especially with moisturizers. For instance, just because a gentleman has an oily complexion does not mean he should skip the moisturizing lubricant.
Every man should have two bookends to his daily shaving ritual: A cleanser (to help a razor to glide smoothly over unsoiled skin) and a moisturizer (to firm and supplement irritated or sensitive skin).

Pre-shave oil saturates he beard with relaxing oils, softens the skin, and provides a slicker lubricant. Granese recommends Sharps Barber and Shop Daily Prep Lotion for a daily pre-shave regimen. It helps medium to oily skin, has a delicate, light texture, and even works well at protecting harmful UV rays.

Sunblocks aren’t just for the beach. Skin can be damaged by ordinary, daily exposure to normal sun conditions. Granese says a separate sunblock maintains a healthy look.

Whether in scrubbing form or a cover-all masque, an exfoliating agent works deeply on the rough surfaces of the face, removing dead skin cells and deeply held grime from the pores. Nickel Mug Shot #4, an exfoliating and cleansing chewing-gum masque, uses a quirky rubber engineering to lift out buried impurities and toxins.

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane shave cream remains one of Regimen best-selling products. Tiny silicone beads embedded in the cream provide a viscous surface for the razor blade to drift over.

Perhaps the most curious item on Granese’s list of recommendations: the Billy Jealousy Six Pack Slimming Solution. This cream decongests the skin and gives more tautness using natural caffeines to enhance lipolysis. It stimulates the body to emulsify fats and further refine areas of your body that need definition, especially if used post-workout.

“Results speak for themselves,” Granese says. “Men aren’t as concerned about packaging or brands. All they care about are the results. If you look good, then its all worth it where grooming is concerned.”

Regimens West Village, 3699 McKinney Ave., Suite 102.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, February 24, 2006. сайтпродвижение сайта купить