The Dallas Morning News just posted a juicy story about pageant powers and “squirming” pageant moms who attended last Sunday’s Miss Oak Lawn and Miss Oak Cliff pageant, which was hosted by Rose Room beauty Cassie Nova.

From the story [there’s video, too]:

“I didn’t know a drag queen was going to have that prominent of a role,” said Jean Magness, executive director of the Miss Texas Organization… . “The question was Cassie’s involvement. Was it appropriate? For me and other board members present, that was a major concern.”

“It was pretty clear they were pushing an agenda,” said Barbara Cox, an elementary school teacher who squirmed while watching her daughter compete Sunday night. “It’s never healthy when society deviates to the extreme. I can’t see where something like this would be beneficial to our nation. As a matter of fact, I see it as a detriment.”

Both Magness and Cox seem uptight. Besides, organizer Dustin Fitzner wasn’t hiding the fact that the Rose Room was a drag cabaret lounge, and Cassie Nova was the first picture anyone saw on the flyer…

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