At my desk with binders of women

In the advertising department at Dallas Voice, we keep binders of models to use in ads.

So I went to the advertising department and borrowed a stack of binders. Not just any binders. But binders of women.

This morning, I have a stack of those binders on my desk — binders of lesbians.

And why are the binders of women on MY desk and not fellow staff writer Anna Waugh’s? Because we sent Anna home early today so she could make dinner.

Of course I HAD to wait until our hot reporter Anna left the building. She thought there was something dehumanizing about thinking of women as nothing more than a page in a binder. We assured the little sex pistol that we have utmost respect for her. And for her ability to keep house, cook and clean. Oh, and raise children. And that we hired her because she was qualified.