Logo keeps its toe in gay reality programming with ‘Big House’


LOUIE SEEKS A. | The gay son’s love life is about the only interesting thing on Logo’s modern family.

Despite officially becoming “No longer the gay network” earlier this year, Logo hasn’t completely abandoned the gays; far from it. Like Bravo and Oxygen, the lifeblood of the network is still us ‘mos, whether on one of RuPaul’s many competition programs or as the most interesting aspect of its newest reality show, In the Big House. And the gay son, Louie, is definitely the reason to watch.

In the Big House is a terrible concept, as most reality shows are — a completely artificial construct that feels driven by producers rather than the actual lives of the people it purports to track. Lou, a Philly mobster who spent the last 25 years in prison, moves in with his daughter Michel, her husband Jay, his gay son Louie and ex-wife Dotsie. You know, like all mobsters. (Alas, he should have gone into witness protection and saved us all a lot of grief.)

Michel and Jay run several businesses in West Hollywood, including, of course, a gay bar, where Louie works. Much of the premiere episode is Lou interfering with his son’s relationship with his on-again-off-again boyfriend. Did Lou “off” the BF? Or threaten him? Why isn’t he showing up to the party? Do you care?

Not much, though Louie is such a goofy, sweet hottie, if the show concentrates on him I might tune in again. A nice gay guy in WeHo trying to date? That’s a show we’d probably all watch … until someone mucked it up with faux drama. Not all gay guys are cliches, no matter what television wants America to believe.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

Two stars. Debuts July 23 at 9 p.m. on Logo.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition July 20, 2012.