First we had research by Abbie Goldberg of Clark University whose research found that in many ways gays and lesbians make better parents. Her research was published in the book, “Lesbian and Gay Parents and their Children.”

Now an article in the London Daily Mail agrees.

Stephen Scott is the director of research at the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners in Great Britain. He said, “Lesbians make better parents than a man and a woman.”

In 2007, a British gay adoption law made it illegal for agencies to refuse to work with gay and lesbian adoptive parents.

According to the newspaper, “the British Association for Adoption and Fostering told would-be adopters: ‘Children need good parents much more than retarded homophobes need an excuse to whinge, so don’t let your worries about society’s reaction hinder your desire to give a child a loving caring home.’”

— David Taffet

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