If you’re interested in helping out with Saturday’s Prop 8 protest in Dallas but couldn’t make last night’s organizational meeting, there’s plenty of contact info and volunteer opportunities after the jump.

JoinTheImpact.com Dallas Prop 8 Protest Rally
Meeting Update from 10 Nov 08.

Special Item: Carpooling? Email just came in about carpooling from Carrollton. Anyone?

Please coordinate with Blake: [email protected] 214-679-6321
Cedar Springs each night until Saturday. You can meet at 9 PM in front of Crossroads on Cedar Springs and Throckmorton. They will also be going out to places outside of the Cedar Springs strip on Wednesday afternoon
Other areas: Open. Please sign up!

Printed materials:
Please coordinate with Bill [email protected]
Blake [email protected]
Bill Nickols has gotten a donation from Sir Speedy for 200 colored paper copies. WTG!
Another volunteer printed the brochures and flyers that were distributed last night. THANK YOU

Signs: Group sign making
Can someone please lead coordinating everyone for maybe a group gathering for making signs? It might be smart for us to have extras for people who just show up. I have posted the video on www.myspace.com/the1roomie with some suggestions of protest signs. Remember… we want messages that will be understood here in Texas and that are not targeting any specific group. Please email Etta if you would like to volunteer for this.

Bill Nickols [email protected]
Blake [email protected] 214-679-6321
Etta [email protected] 469.323.3060 Copy me on ALL.
Need a master list of the media and contacts so far (Bill I have yours) so we know who has and has not been contacted. Please send Etta who has already contacted ASAP. Also, please send a copy of the press releases or communications that have been sent.

Equipment and Law Enforcement:
Etta will take the lead on this. 469.323.3060 and [email protected] I appreciate all the center and group offerings of equipment last night! THANK YOU for being the pioneers and helping this fledgling group run with your experience. We are forever indebted (and after Saturday will be behind each of you to help further our community’s goals).

Crowd Spotters for Rally
We will need to have people spread throughout the group to ensure our peaceful demonstration remains just that, as well as working directly with the Dallas Police Department to nip any potential issue in the bud. Ultimately this is all of our responsibility, however we will have designated people assigned for this.

What you will need so we can communicate at a distance. A mobile phone and patience. Please contact Etta directly if you are interested in being crowd control (this is not a bouncer position…lol). We will meet beforehand with Dallas PD so you know who are the go to people there.

MySpace, Facebook and Twitter
Elizabeth is coordinating Twitter and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Join-the-Impact-Dallas/44853483775) . Etta will keep her site up (www.myspace.com/the1roomie) – so make sure you befriend there too. Bill has a MySpace page set (www.myspace.com/jointheimpact_dallas)

Other networks:
Matt has sent out a flyer to Bi.net which reaches 3000 members. THANK YOU. We will also springboard from their site. I have submitted the information to post and will update you on that when I hear.
Again DALLASVOICE sent an eBlast to its membership as a Breaking news alert. Thank you John and Kris for your support.
Resource Center of Dallas has posted information on their website. As well, through the Center, Equality Texas to unify a message regarding the statewide protest rallies.

Organizations and Representation in attendance last night:
Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance
Dallas Police Department
Dallas Voice
Resource Center of Dallas
SMU LGBT Student Organization
Stonewall Democrats
Unified Community Against Gay Hate Crimes (UCAGHC)

If I have missed a group, please let me know.

Special Note to all:

This experience is humbling to see how people are so gracious to stand up and help each other. Personally, I am extremely appreciative to all of you who have answered the call, used your incredible existing networks to help and invited us into your fold. I truly look forward to working with each of you going forward and building a network and heightened energy to our community.

It is through leaders such as you that we, your fledglings, will flock.

Peace, Life and Love Awaits,

Etta Zambonivzlom-vk.netстоимость web сайта