By Bryan Amann – Contributing Photographer

Dallas Voice reader unearths photo project of Cedar Springs. Part 2 east side, from Throckmorton to Regan

1984: Crossroads Market, Desk, Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Cleaning Laundry, Dallas Gay Alliance, Union Jack Sportswear

2006: Crossroads Market, TapeLenders Video, An Occasional Place, Union Jack

The June 16 edition of Dallas Voice featured a “then and now” photo-spread of Cedar Springs Road that was shot by longtime Dallas resident Bryan Amann. Amann had recently dug out a box of old photos in his attic. One sleeve contained a “historical record” project about Oak Lawn that was taken on a springtime morning in 1984.

Amann, then a manager at J.R.’s Bar & Grill, photographed all the buildings along Cedar Springs Road from Oak Lawn Avenue to just past Throckmorton Street. Twenty-two years ago, Amann used his trusty Pentax MX 35-mm. For 2006, which was shot thee weeks ago, Amann used a digital Canon Rebel 35-mm.

1984: Round-Up Saloon (with The Mating Game on Monday), TapeLenders Video, Memorabilias, VW Records, Arresta

2006: Round-Up Saloon, Zen Clipz, Buli Cafe, OutLines Menswear Nuvo

The photos conjure up some dusty memories, and one reader spotted an oversight. In the June 16 edition, which featured photos of the west side of Cedar Springs, from Regan to Throckmorton, there was seemingly-looking vacant business the south neighbor of Panda’s Chinese Restaurant and Bar. But the crescent-shaped window on the front door triggered Dallas Voice reader Harriet Shaw’s memory: That space was occupied by the Moon Dreams tavern, a sophisticated lesbian bar that opened in August 1983 and later became Steve’s Bar S and then Big Daddies.

This week we’re publishing the photos of the east side of Cedar Springs Road, from Throckmorton to Regan Streets. We’ll unveil additional photos in upcoming editions.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, June 30, 2006. услуги продвижения сайтов