Attorney Rob Wiley said that as of 3:30 p.m. Friday, he hadn’t heard anything from AT&T about the company’s decision to grant his client’s family medical leave request. Rob also has additional questions for the company:

(1) what about his FMLA time from 2009, (2) what about the vacation time and sick time he’s taken, will he get that back, (3) is he getting 12 weeks now or are the back-deducting leave, (4) his most recent performance review dinged him for “absenteeism”; is that being fixed? (5) he was given discipline in 09 when he returned from the 30 day leave, is that being removed from his file? (6) promise of non-retaliation, I don’t want a company to wait until the thing blows over and then find a reason to fire him.  (7) Bryan paid me out of pocket, any reimbursement for this or other compensation for his treatment.

Also, Eric Bloem, deputy director of the Human Rights Campaign’s workplace project, has issued a statement:

“The Human Rights Campaign has been in communication with AT&T  since learning that a gay employee was denied FMLA-leave. Today, AT&T has informed HRC that the employee will now receive this benefit. We will continue to monitor the situation to an equitable conclusion. HRC’s Workplace Project regularly investigates instances where actual benefits administration is different than what the company has indicated to HRC through our Corporate Equality Index. AT&T appears to have fixed this error, which is in-line with its long-standing reputation as a equitable workplace for LGBT employees.”

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