I am getting bits and pieces right now. But from what I have heard so far, there were at least two TABC agents in the Eagle wearing masks (some have described them as “ninja masks”).

This is one story, but I don’t know how accurate: There was a problem with the address on the liquor license. The license still had the address of the original site. TABC came in earlier in the night and liquor sales were suspended while the owners got the situation sorted out. Then Liquor sales resumed. But apparently, there was an under-age, undercover agent in the bar and someone sold this person a drink. That’s when the officers came back in, including those in the ninja masks, and closed things down. They were checking all the bartenders’ licenses, etc., and I have heard they were really mean and rude in the process.

Remember, this is something I heard through the grapevine. I am not saying this is how it all happened. I am working on getting the whole story and verifying info. I have heard there may be some photos out there, and I will try and get some posted.

If anybody was there and wants to tell me what they saw, e-mail nash@dallasvoice.comonline game on mobileцены на региональное продвижение сайта