Yesterday, I posted an item here on Instant Tea about the 5th Annual Proudmoore Pride Celebration taking place Saturday, June 20, at noon server time. It’s the online Pride parade taking place in the cyber land of World of Warcraft.

Since real world Pride events in the U.S. this year are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion (I have been told that those who were at Stonewall prefer “rebellion” to “riot”), I noted in that post that I was wondering if the gaymers had their own version of Stonewall.

I got a reply to that question from someone with Rough Trade Gaming Community, “a social, ‘umbrella’ organization for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered (GLBT)/friendly gamers” with “a strong presence in several popular multiplayer games, including World of Warcraft and City of Heroes/Villains.” (They also have a very cool title graphic on their home page.)

That comment said the gamers did indeed have a cyber Stonewall, and included a link to a page on the RTGC site that displays an article from Out Front magazine titled “Elf Love” that’s all about battling homophobia in Azeroth (that’s what the world in World of Warcraft is called).

It was interesting to me to read about how these gaymers were willing to fight just as hard for equality in their cyber world as LGBT activists do in the real world. I also noticed that Rough Trade Gaming Company and La Familia de Stonewall (“World of Warcraft’s Largest Alliance GLBT Guild”) both are campaigning against California’s Prop 8.

Fascinating stuff.копирайтер фрилансстоимость сео продвижения