I’m getting crucified in the comments below and also over at The Dallas Morning News’ City Hall blog for comments I made concerning Mayor Tom Leppert’s recent decision to join First Baptist Church of Dallas. I say good, bring it on, but I do want to clarify one small thing: You see, I don’t really give a shit where Leppert goes to church, and these people are right, to some degree it’s his business. My point is only that in my humble opinion, it’s a politically motivated decision as Leppert continues to position himself to run for Senate. In the Southern Baptist Convention, First Baptist Church of Dallas is like Mecca. So when Leppert is out there on the Senate campaign trail, he can just tell people in small-town Texas that he’s friends with Pastor Robert Jeffress, who happens to be a complete bigot, and they’ll be more inclined to vote for him. Again, I say good, and good riddance for Dallas if he steps down to run. But it’s worth noting that until now, Leppert has painted himself as a supporter of the LGBT community. In light of his decision to join First Baptist, I’m beginning to think that this was all just lip service designed to help him get elected or re-elected in a city where the gay vote matters. And now that he wants to get elected statewide, we’re expendable. I’m also starting to wonder whether Leppert really was responsible for those anti-gay robo calls against Ed Oakley in 2007. I’ve requested an interview with the mayor about his decision to join First Baptist, but I haven’t heard anything back. Go figure.siteэффективная бесплатная раскрутка сайта