In November, I interviewed Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara. I had prefaced our discussion, saying I didn’t know which twin was going to call me. So I told Tegan that I had prepared a bunch of goofy questions and asked if she’d play along. She said yes — but then obviously forgot about the agreement.

Even though she gave the crappiest answers, I just kept firing away. One question that seemed to set readers off was, Had she ever seen twin porn?

That question inspired an article about commodity of queer twin erotica, which is big business. But the question also caused the Tegan-Sara army to write letters to the Voice. And one was a death threat.

And if that wasn’t enuf: Tegan later did a radio interview and went off about how my questions “insulted” her alternative-artist sensibilites. (Is she such a humorless music geek that she forgot that she’s supposed to be a young rock star?)

Anyway, my cultural antennas are always tuned into queer twins. But now we have TRIPLETS — check out the Visconti Brothers: Jason, Jimmy and Joey. The Hungarian siblings have a fan blog, and they’re coming out in a new DVD, “Brotherhood Secrets,” $49,99, Elite Male.раскрутка оптимизация интернет сайта