Last week while working on this article about the pedestrian being hit on Cedar Springs Road, I requested some information on the Reagan Street crosswalk from the city of Dallas. This morning I heard back from Alex Wong, the city’s program manager for traffic field operations.

Wong confirmed that the embedded, pavement-level lights in the crosswalk had been out for some six months before the city replaced them on Feb. 14, to the tune of $5,400. Wong said the city had difficulty finding a vendor that supplies the lights, which can only be installed in optimal weather conditions.

Wong said it was at least the third time the city has replaced the embedded lights in the crosswalk since they were first installed four years ago at the request of then-Councilwoman Veletta Forsythe Lill. The Cedar Springs crosswalk is the only one in Dallas that utilizes the embedded lights. There once were similar crosswalks in Richardson and Plano, but Wong said he believes they’ve both been removed due to maintenance issues.

Wong said it’s unclear whether the city will continue to replace the embedded lights if they continue to fail so quickly, because it’s such a significant expense. But he said it’s not a major safety issue because the crosswalk is already marked by signs and lights on the side of the online gameсео раскрутка сайтов