Dawn Meifert is organizing a protest against Sarah Palin outside the Fairmont Hotel on Friday, starting around 11 a.m. But apparently some of Gov. Palin’s supporters plan to be there as well.

Here is an e-mail that was forwarded to me:

“Dear Family and friends: Please Read carefully:

Governor Sarah Palin is coming to Dallas next Friday morning for a Noon Luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel- the corner of Ross and Akard Streets- Downtown Dallas. Planned Parenthood, those who advocate the “Gay Lifestyle,” and other “Left-Wing” organizations will be there to protest her arrival at the Fairmont.

We who have worked in the Grassroots for years and many Republicans, Christians- (Protestants and Catholics alike!) will be there also to “stage our Protest of their Protest,” and to welcome Governor Palin ‘Texas-Style.’ Please make Your plans to be there!! ((P.S. Please keep THIS among the Conservative Grassroots organizations as we want the “Left Wing” to be caught by the “Shock and Awe!”

We will begin gathering outside the Hotel no later than 10:30a.m. with Signs, placards, Bullhorns, American and Texas Flags. This Is a Time to “Take our Stand” for the McCain-Palin Republican ticket and we want YOU to be present!! Please mark this date on your Calendar– Friday, October 3rd.

Please Do Your Best in circulating the word and Pass this around to ALL your family and friends! We expect a large gathering of McCain/Palin supporters, and we ARE going to make her feel welcomed to Dallas. We DO plan to “shout down” the opposition as well!! We WILL make some NOISE!!!! So, get out your American and Texas flags and let’s go have some fun!!

Very truly yours,
Charles Lingerfelt, Chairman
Senatorial District 2 – Dallas County Republicans”

Oooops! Sorry Mr. Lingerfelt. Didn’t mean to spoil the suprirse and diminish your shock and awe.сайткак продвинуть сайт в поисковой системе