Mike Lo Vuolo objects to the use of the term “sting” when referring to the traffic enforcement operation that’s under way on Cedar Springs Road, because he says a “sting” is undercover and carries a negative connotation. I’ll give him that, but it sure fits nicely in a headline. Anyhow, I wanted to direct your attention to a comment from “J.E.” on a below post about the enforcement operation. The comment raises two issues that weren’t directly addressed in my story in Friday’s Dallas Voice. Also, please stop by the main page and vote in our SpeakOut poll about the enforcement operation. Here’s what J.E. had to say:

“I was on the balcony on JR’s and watched as the same cop issued citation after citation, sometimes to people waiting to make a left turn on Throckmorton. This is going to be bad for business because once word gets around, people will avoid driving on Cedar Springs for fear that even a perceived violation will get them pulled over. Let me be clear: if you’re speeding, you’re breaking the law and you should get a citation. But this sting is doing more than issue speeding citations.

“Secondly, I will have a serious problem with this whole thing if the cops are just there during the day and continue to ignore the area at night, WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY NEEDED.”online gameреклама сайта оптимизация продвижение сайтов