State Rep. Justin Harris

Ark. Rep. Justin Harris adopted two girls, but soon after the adoption “rehomed” them, placing them in a home where the six-year-old was raped, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Nothing in Arkansas law prevents “rehoming.” That’s where adoptive parents get tired of the kids they’ve adopted, so they send them elsewhere.

While adoptive parents have to go through extensive background checks and training, none of that applies to the “rehomed” family.

Although he was responsible for caring for these girls, (most gay or lesbian couples I know would say he was privileged to care for them) Harris faces no charges related to the child’s rape. A member of the¬†House Aging, Children and Youth Committee said she had never heard of “rehoming,” but it was a loophole in Arkansas law that needed to be closed.

And just in case anyone thinks big-hearted Harris opened his home to girls in need of a home just for the money, he said he forwarded all money sent by the state for their care to the rapist he placed them with. And doesn’t that make it all just fine?