Rep Nate Bell

Arkansas Rep. Nate Bell

Arkansas Rep. Nate Bell told the reporter who broke the story about another Arkansas lawmaker having “rehomed” an adopted child, leading to that child being raped, that he — the reporter, that is — is going to hell for publicizing the story.

Earlier this week, Arkansas Times reporter Benjamin Hardy reported that Arkansas Rep. Justin Harris adopted two girls, but then decided to “rehome” them. “Rehoming” is something usually done with pets, but Harris decided to give the girls to another man who ended up raping one of the girls.

Bell described Harris as “a good man … who has given [his] life to helping vulnerable children.”

But there’s good news. Legislation has since been introduced in the Arkansas legislature to make what Harris did a felony. A first offense would be a Class D felony punishable by six years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Hardy wonders if the bill will go to the child welfare committee where Harris is vice chair. I love when good reporting makes a difference. Go here to read his wonderful reporting.