Joey Hensley

Tenn. state Sen. Joey Hensley

Gina Hensley has obtained a restraining order against her ex-husband, Tenn. state Sen. Joey Hensley, who she accuses of hitting her with the car three times during a domestic dispute, according to WSMV, the Nashville NBC affiliate.

She said she has three witnesses whose statements are on file with the sheriff’s office.

The lawmaker is known for his “don’t say gay” bill, which would ban teachers from addressing LGBT issues in school. The senator simply wanted to protect students from the harm that could come from talking about an issue. Hitting an ex-wife with a car, however — that won’t hurt anybody.

In his defense, Hensley said he’d never do anything like putting his car in reverse and aiming it directly at his ex-wife. After all, he’s a doctor. He’d never hurt anybody.